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The Rhode Island Passion Project (RIPP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, focused on providing children and adults in R.I., the opportunity to discover their own personal passion for fitness and exercise.

We believe that exercise is medicine and that people want to live healthier lives. Although, many people may lack the resources to discover a sport or exercise that ignites their hearts and minds.

RIPP's purpose is to become to be the spark that helps Rhode Islanders find their passion for fitness, by subsidizing a FREE personal training package, at one of the gyms we’ve partnered with. Free one-on-one personal training sessions, led by professional instructors, all for the sake of helping Rhode Islanders discover their own passion for fitness and live a healthier life. 

Meet The Team
Terry Rajsombath

Terry is co-owner of, Rhode Island Original, an online apparel store that sells Rhode Island based clothing. His business donates 10% of its profit to the Rhode Island Passion Project.
He's a graduate from the University of Rhode Island with a bachelor’s degree in Health Studies, concentrating on Health Promotion. He is a U.S. Army National Guard veteran and recipient of the Purple Heart. In 2010, he was critically injured in combat during a deployment in Afghanistan. He spent 10 months recovering at the Walter Reed National Medical Center and underwent 12 surgeries. Despite the physical and emotional pain, Terry remained optimistic and utilized fitness as a form of medicine. He focused on fitness not only to recover physically, but also mentally.
Due to his injuries, he is unable to run. Despite his limitation, he went on to train and complete two Ironman triathlons; the 2012 Amica 70.3 Ironman and the 2014 North American Ironman Championship. With the help from many of his friends, he was able to raise over $5,000 on behalf of  the Children’s Tumor Foundation during his second race.

Alex Saysithideth

Alex is co-owner of, Rhode Island Original, an online apparel store that sells Rhode Island based clothing. His business donates 10% of its profit to the Rhode Island Passion Project.

He is a Rhode Island native who attended the Year Up program and graduated with a heavy background in Information Technology and Business Communications. After graduating the program he pursued a career in IT where he has worked for several major corporate companies as an IT Support Engineer since 2011. He is still currently working in the IT field.

He has also recently participated in the AmeriCorps program where he served at the non-profit organization he graduated from, Year Up. Being able to see the ins and outs of the non-profit sector, he found a new passion and realized that giving back was something that he wanted to pursue moving forward in life.    

Travis Escobar

A south side Providence native, Travis Escobar is a social entrepreneur. Travis is passionate about helping solve community issues regarding housing, education, and workforce development. Travis is currently the Project Manager, Public Policy for United Way of Rhode Island. In this role, Travis advocates for legislation that drives forward United Way's goal to improve 250,000 lives by 2020. Travis also sits on the board of the Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless, Rhode Island College Foundation, Grow Smart Rhode Island and is the co-founder and president of Millennial Rhode Island. Millennial Rhode Island is a generational network inspiring millennials to #ChooseRI. Since 2015, Millennial Rhode Island has grown to nearly 200 members and has been a growing voice on issues that impact young people in the state.
Phillip Shatkin

A Rhode Island native​ and entrepreneur, Phillip created a sucessful online e-commerce business, all on his own. He believes in the power of social media and online business as a tool to help make the world a better place and he wants to start in Rhode Island. He likes to connect the dots between business and positive relationships because he believes there's room for both. Having spent many plane rides to Asia and all around the world on behalf of his company, he understands that business doens't have to be all about business. 
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Passion - A very strong feeling about a person or thing